Monkey Mind


Shhhhhh! Shut. Up.
Tell the monkey mind to take a break. Give it a rest, already.

Inevitably the doubt, judgement, and fear rises. Notice it. Give it a subtle impersonal attention. Take note of what it feels like in the body. And then let it begin to dissolve through your awareness and breath.

This practice —  which we can find in arriving to some stillness each day — isn't about forgetting to forgive or trying *not to do something or think something. Rather we let it rise. Whatever it is. And we notice it. And then we practice the process of letting it go. It takes practice. A little levity helps too. And I've also found that a community and team of people in their own stillness practice who support you and your practice are a key ingredient. We have to practice it ourselves but we can't do it alone.