Stop Creating Conflict + Thinking It’s Someone Else’s Fault


When it feels like others are hell bent on creating, being or staying in conflict with or around us it's okay to lovingly walk away.

The key word : lovingly.
The key concept : walk away.

When someone or some situation near us is in conflict there's a good chance we co-created it. So, how do we co-UNcreate it? We walk away from OUR contribution and involvement.

We walk towards peace.
We drop our contribution to the conflict.
We choose freedom over being right.

When we choose the peace finger we rewire our own brains to be less reactionary, less interested in drama, less interested in conflict. And guess what happens? Yep. We choose a life filled with fewer conflict-oriented people and situations. And all of a sudden - poof!  Walk away towards peace. Pass the freedom. Start with you. I'll start with me.