I see individuals, couples, and families in private practice in Santa Monica, CA. Currently, I have client openings on week nights, Friday afternoons, and Saturdays. Please call or email for an initial consult.

I also offer therapy on a sliding scale at the Southern California Counseling Center (SCCC). I do not currently have openings at SCCC. For more information about therapy at SCCC call 323-937-1344.


Issues We Can Address Together:

  • Anxiety

  • Attachments

  • Communication Skills

  • Compulsions + Addictions + Habits

  • Coping Skills

  • Emotion Identification

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Family Conflict

  • Life Changes + Transitions

  • Loss

  • Relationship Difficulties

  • Self Care

  • Sense of Purpose

  • Sense of Self

  • Stress

  • Transforming Trauma

Utilizing a blend of therapeutic approaches, I meet client’s “where they are,” integrating psychodynamic, mindfulness, family systems and family of origin, positive psychology, and mind-body awareness. I participate in ongoing trainings and workshops offered by SCCC, including in trauma-focused therapy, sex therapy, and in a variety of theoretical orientations. I believe that every person is different and there is no one way to approach our healing.


Yoga + Mindfulness COACH
The benefits are limitless

Disclaimer: Yoga and mindfulness coaching is a different process from psychotherapy. While I do utilize mind-body awareness and mindfulness-based practices as part of my work with my psychotherapy clients, I do not offer psychotherapy services and yoga and mindfulness coaching simultaneously to the same client. That policy is a professional standard that I also believe is best for clients.

+ Mental + Physical Rejuvenation + Balance
+ Cardiovascular Health
+ More Focus + Mindfulness
+ Stress Reduction + Increased Levels of Joy
+ Understanding That We Are Not Our Emotions
+ Increased Strength, Flexibility + Tone
+ Balanced Energy for Day + Restful Sleep at Night


Public Sessions

I am currently taking a public class teaching sabbatical while I complete the requirements for my psychotherapy license. 

I am still offering individual and small group privates →


Sweat Yoga  →  Santa Monica, CA
Sattva Yoga LA → Los Angeles, CA
Golden Bridge → Santa Monica, CA
Tranquil Space → Washington DC


Private Yoga
+ Meditation 

“Experience personalized pace, individualized goals, + in-depth instruction. Move beyond what the mind thinks is possible.”

Also great to build a foundation or accelerate a practice.


In Your Space $150/1.25 hr (additional travel may apply )
In My Space $125/ 1.25 hr ( Santa Monica, CA )

→for up to 3 people


Life Strategy + Self Care

Together we’ll create your path for healing and living a more vibrant life. Each step has its own unique set of tools and actions personalized for you.

1. Create + Build Awareness

2. Apply Awareness

3. Maintain Awareness

In Your Space $100/hr (additional travel may apply )
In My Space $75/hr (Santa Monica, CA)

+Email for Your Complimentary Session + to learn more about how we would work together. 


Yoga teaching feedback

For five years, Brittny was my yoga instructor. Brittny is a very qualified yogi, bringing a deep understanding of both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga to her students.  We started slow but she never let me get complacent. She gauged my energy at the start of every session and directed our practice appropriately. Over the years, friends and family joined me in my weekly yoga practice. Brittny welcomed all! She showed so much compassion to a friend who was mourning her boyfriend's recent passing. As the tears flowed, Brittny talked about how the mat has a way of washing away our fears and sorrow.  She has a kind soul and an intuitive heart


Brittny is a fantastic teacher who meets each student where they are, both physically and spiritually. I was a beginner, and Brittny led me to the joys of yoga practice. She taught a small group of beginning yogis on Fridays after work. We learned and were encouraged and she challenged us just enough, never too much. I always left feeling rejuvenated and with a healthier perspective on work and life. It was the perfect way to end a week. 

- Barbara G

When I discovered Brittny's class, I was immediately drawn to the spiritual aspect to her teaching, and to how much of what we learn in her class is relevant in our lives off of our mats. The lessons she shares are centered around radical acceptance of ourselves. She encourages us to gain self-awareness, take ownership of our lives, build healthy relationships and circumstances that are meaningful, to be loving, true and balanced in all that we do. These lessons are brought with grace and laughter and playfulness in her classes that always offer ways to challenge yourself. Off the mat she leads by example, sharing experiences of growth and struggle and joy from her own journey.

-Margaret L.