Do you Lead Your Tribe into Battle?

Or are you the first to drop your sword?

Our primitive brains are wired for war. For conflict.  It's how we survived past our reproductive age and kept the human species going. 

Today's brains, however, have evolved to include smarter, wiser parts that when we feel, and know, we are safe and secure, we drop the sword. And, what's more, even when we're surrounded by others who insist on staying armed, we can be the first to drop our sword. When we are connected to that part within us, it is easy to drop the sword. And even look at in in wonder at why we ever held it. We then give permission, make it safe, for others to drop theirs.

It takes awareness and work to tap into this wiser, silent witness. A lot of work if we haven't quite located that part in us. Once we find it, it just takes willingness, practice, and reflection. It takes taking responsibility for ourselves and our feelings and behaviors and habits. No more blame game. It becomes second nature.

When we find ourselves in overwhelm, unhappy, anxious, stressed, much of the time, it may be good to ask ourselves- are we leading our tribe into battle over and over again or are we the first to drop the sword?