Tend the Internal Fire


Let your fire within burn hot + bright 🔥

All too often we allow ourselves to be pulled away to tend the external fires of others. Their dramas, their conflicts, their misunderstandings, their pains, their chaos. We allow our energy to be diverted and our peace to be disturbed when we do not know what gives us energy + peace for ourselves ✌🏽 

When we learn to tend to our own internal fire (desires, truth, joy, love, life), we burn off the distractions of drama, projection and judgments from others. And, instead we burn bright a fire that leads by example and attracts others who also have found the peace and joy that comes with tending an internal fire 🔥

Tend to that fire in your belly. It will guide you to the energy and peace that is your birthright. It is only from that place that we can really tend to the external world.