When I Feel Small


When I feel small, I look at images of the universe. 

This may seem counter-intuitive, and to the small, human, ego mind, it is.

We are trained in this time that we inhabit, when we feel small, to make others feel small. To start a pity party. To tantrum. To spiral inward. To project. To wound. To puff our chests. To dig in our heels and claim our [small] place in the world.

These movements happen on the individual and collective level. 

Sometimes, these movements include a mask or language that doesn't seem small to us or to those around us. But over time, the mask falls away and the language becomes nonsense. The ego mind can't sustain this cover up behavior.

When I feel small, I look at images of the universe. To remind myself that "i" am small. Very small. And very insignificant. My pity party-- "Brittny. Party of One. Your table is ready."-- does not matter. my tantrum echoes into a black hole. 

Because, when we are in a practice (such as meditation, mindfulness, etc) it is just not possible to stay small. And, I am reminded of that when I see images of the vast universe. The potentiality. The possibility. That my small mind cannot even begin to fathom the expansive nature of existence. 

When we feel small, we have a choice. to surrender, to float, to feel held up....in that expansion. And through the realization of our insignificance, significance exists. Infinite expression is expressed through our willingness, through our choice for how to be in each moment- even when we're feeling the smallness of finite form. The practice is returning to connection to that space within that is infinite and expansive.

Brittny McCarthyComment